Troop 36 Publications

The following publications are Troop Policy and Guides. Please feel free to download and print them. All files are in Adobe Acrobat format. There are some that are also available as Microsoft Office documents.

and date


Quartermaster Policies

Equipment Checkout Form

Damaged Equipment Form

New policies for checkout and check-in and new policies regarding the transportainer.

Form used to checkout troop equipment.

Form that is to be submitted with troop equipment that is damaged or broken.

Troop Meeting Format This is the official format of our troop meetings.
Scout and Parents Guide
Scout and Parents Guide (Low Resolution) 
13 Apr 2009
This guide is intended to provide an introduction to Troop 36, what distinguishes it from other troops, how we operate, and basic guidelines.  It will give you an idea of what your son's journey through scouting will be like.  This information that will be most useful to parents and boys who are new to Troop 36.
Funds Request
18 Jun 2008
This is the form you use to request reimbursement or make a deposit with the Troop treasurer.
Operating Procedures
11 Dec 2008
These are the operating procedures for the Troop Committee.
Outing Planning Guide - Outing Leader

Outing Planning Guide - Outing SPL

Outing Accounting Form.xls

2010 Activity Consent Form Procedures

2010 Activity Consent Form (PDF Version Please read red text to the right)

2010 Activity Consent Form (Microsoft Word Version)

These are Planning Guides for Adults and Scouts.



This is the new Activity Consent Form for Outing Leaders.

The Activity Consent Form will not show up properly, either print it or save it to your computer and it will show up fine. If that doesn't work or you do not want to attempt that simply open the Microsoft Word Version.

Activity Survey
Activity Survey spreadsheet
1 Feb 2005
This has the Troop's Activity survey, which is used in the annual planning process.
Popcorn Account Withdrawal
18 Mar 2002
This is the form you use to request withdraw funds from your Popcorn account.
Forms The Council-maintained page of links to commonly used forms such as Class I/II medical forms, Tour Permits, Guide to Safe Scouting, and Merit Badge Counselor information.