Scout Leader Positions

Scout Leader Positions

Policy and Expectations


ATTENTION! Troop 36 has updated their leadership requirements. Please use the PDF links below to view the updates.




Leadership is a requirement for advancement to the Star, Life, and Eagle ranks.  It is expected that as a scout grows and advances through these ranks that the leadership tasks the scout performs grow as the scout’s skills and capabilities grow.



A key expectation is that the scope of a scout’s leadership responsibilities will increase along the following lines:


Leadership is predominantly done by leading other scouts.  For example, a Patrol Leader is responsible for directing the 6 to 10 members of a patrol.  This position is about learning the responsibilities of a leadership role.


Leadership for Life involves working with a larger number of scouts and a responsibility for a longer period of time.  For this rank, the scope of the responsibility will involve performing tasks that remove the need for an adult leader to perform the tasks.


Leadership for Eagle is expected to include interactions with both scouts and adults.  The leadership role will typically involve a larger portion of the troop – ranging from a large outing (e.g. Wolfeboro with 50 to 80 boys) to the entire troop over a time period of 6 months coinciding with the six-month leadership requirement. 


Alternatively, the scope of the leadership work may involve a small group over a longer period of time (e.g. Troop Guides bring along a patrol of 6 to 10 new scouts until they reach the First Class rank which can take from 6 to 15 months).


We expect scouts performing Eagle leadership roles will work in a self-sufficient manner and perform leadership roles under the guidance and coaching of adult leaders.




Please read the new updated leadership requirements document for more information about leadership roles in Troop 36 (PDF).

2013 Revised Leadership Requirements


Current Troop 36 Leadership Position Requirements (PDF).


Den Chief


Instructor - Hikemaster - LNT - Safety




Chaplains Aide

OA Representative

Quartermaster/Assistant Quartermaster

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